Tavecchio submits resignation. “A lot of good things were done, new elections in 90 days”

Tavecchio submits resignation. “A lot of good things were done, new elect

“When my organisation (the LND), where I’ve spent 18 years, today made comments that didn’t promise support, I didn’t think for a moment and I resigned due to a political and not sporting act,” said the outgoing President Carlo Tavecchio. “The announcement was made just before 12:00 CET. Tavecchio went to the organisation’s offices and handed in his resignation which means new elections will now be held in 90 days. “I have resigned taking into account the political situation which has changed since the meeting on Friday with all the various bodies. On Friday  I was sent a document with a list of proposals and I took it in good faith and all honesty as a positive thing, not as an alliance but a will to build something in the sporting system. Until this morning, the political situation hadn’t changed, Lega Pro was never allied to the majority. I believe that we’ve arrived at a point of speculation which has reached impossible limits. Someone will now have to explain to Lega Serie A and Lega B because this wasn’t expected. I certainly didn’t expect it. The biggest affront to the Federal Council was to exclude the most important figure.” 

Over the course of Monday’s press conference, it was also revealed that CONI President Malagò – who called the meeting for Wednesday morning – would be willing to take administrative control of the FIGC. “It is very serious to have statutes and guarantees in place in Italy,” said Tavecchio. “Yesterday President Malagò revealed that it was Marcello Lippi who selected Gian Piero Ventura as National Team coach from a list of four names. This occurred during a private dinner meeting. However, I’ve not spoken of private dinners and I’ve always assumed responsibility for Ventura’s appointment, of which you’ve all been witnesses of. I am now paying for our failure to qualify for the World Cup, which is a sporting disappointment. Italians are very serious and proper people, who deserved the satisfaction of reaching a World Cup.”

Tavecchio then went on to highlight some of the successes from his three-year tenure: “There were good things done in this three-year period. We created the National Training Centres, reformed the youth championships and women’s football, while also managing the budget in a way that those listed on the stock exchange were envious of. All of the 240 people that have worked and who are working for the FIGC are people of merit. We have pushed up the tally of four Italian teams in the Champions League, while we’ve also played an important role on the international stage. Firstly, we supported Infantino for FIFA, and then Ceferin for UEFA, where Italy is strongly represented by our CEO Michele Uva, who was recently made Vice-President. This is also the case for Evelina Christillin, who was also recently elected as a UEFA member for the FIFA Council. Furthermore, we’ve also completed a full reconstruction of Coverciano and introduced VAR. In 2014, I was the first to write to Blatter for VAR. We can also not forget about the results achieved by the National Youth Teams. As for any potential betrayals, I am not judging anyone, everyone makes their own choices. However, the pressures at the LND are unimaginable.”


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