UEFA Nations League: Oriali: “We’ll go again to build something important”

UEFA Nations League: Oriali: “We’ll go again to build something importa

“We can’t complain, we’ve avoided the strongest current teams like Spain and Germany and that was already important. We can go and play for it.” These were the comments from Team Manager Gabriele Oriali who was at the UEFA Nations League draw in Lausanne alongside FIGC CEO and UEFA Vice-President Michele Uva. 

Italy will face Poland and Portugal in the first edition of the competition which begins next September. “It’s a great feeling to participate in this tournament which will allows us to face the best nation teams. I can’t wait to start to get back to the levels that are expected of us. We’ll start with the same will and determination, you need to learn from mistakes if you want to build something important.” 

The Team Manager also responded to a question about Luigi Di Biagio possibly serving as a caretaker for the National Team before a new coach is found. “It’s a theory that’s come from the media but it’s certainly not up to me to decide. The assembly next Monday to elect a new President will be the first step, we’ll then wait for him to make a decision. For me, it could be a good solution for the March friendlies. Di Biagio knows the players, he’s been at the Federation for many years and I don’t believe that he’d have any difficulties.” 

For Oriali, the team will start again through determination and by placing trust in young players. “During the training camps that we’ve held in the past two years we’ve seen lots of promising youngsters.”

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