Euroleague Superfinal debut against Ukraine on September 14th

Euroleague Superfinal debut against Ukraine on September 14th

The National Beach Soccer side are currently preparing for their involvement in the Euroleague Superfinal, which will take place in the Rive di Traiano beach resort in Terracina from the 14th to the 17th of September. Having finished sixth during the 2016 edition in Catania, Italy will now host the competition once again, which is promoted by Beach Soccer Worldwide.

Following their three wins during qualification, the Azzurri finished in sixth place on joint points with Switzerland. During the first stage in Nazaré, Italy were initially beaten by Switzerland and hosts Portugal, before then overcoming France 1-0. The second stage played in Warnemunde at the end of August saw an improvement, with their only defeat coming against Ukraine, with Massimo Agostini’s side positively picking up two wins over Germany and Azerbaijan.

The Beach Soccer coach has now called up 14 players for their upcoming training camp in Terracina from Saturday 9th September, before they then make their tournament debut against Ukraine on Thursday 14th September. Their following fixtures will be against Belarus on Friday 15th and Russia on Saturday 16th. All three matches will be played at 15:15 CEST.

Squad list

Goalkeepers: Andrea Carpita (Viareggio 2014), Simone Del Mestre (Lumignacco), Stefano Spada (Castrocaro Calcio);
Defenders: Francesco Corosiniti (Sersale), Alessio Frainetti (Real Terracina), Dario Ramacciotti;
Wingers: Michele Di Palma, Simone Marinai, Pietro Angelo Palazzolo (Misterbianco), Roberto Mucciarelli (Hermada), Paolo Palmacci, Alessandro Remedi (Atletico Cenaia);
Forwards: Gabriele Gori (Castelnuovo Garf.), Emmanuele Zurlo (Bovalino C5).

Staff – Accompanying Director: Ferdinando Arcopinto; Technical staff: Massimo Agostini (Ct), Emiliano Del Duca, Antonino Nosdeo, Paolo Larocca; Secretary: Annamaria Giuliani; Medico: Alvise Clarioni; Physiotherapist: Enrico Matera.

The Superfinal groups
Group 1
: Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Poland
Group 2: Ukraine, Belarus, ITALY and Russia

Schedule for Group 2

Matchday One (14th September)
14.45 CEST: Russia-Belarus
17.15: ITALY-Ukraine

Matchday Two (15th September)
14.45: Ukraine-Russia
17.15: ITALY-Belarus

Matchday Three (16th September)
14.45: Ukraine-Belarus
17.15: ITALY-Russia

Finals (17th September)

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