Made in Italy Stats Duel for week 31: Mandragora vs. Poli

Made in Italy Stats Duel for week 31: Mandragora vs. Poli

It’s a clash of two red and blue sides on Sunday when Crotone and Bologna face off at the Stadio Scida. The home side need points to stay up while the Emilian side have been hard to beat in recent fixtures. In this week’s stats duel powered by Opta, we look at the young prospect Rolando Mandragora and the experienced, reliable midfielder Andrea Poli. 

The young Crotone player is the captain of the Italy Under-21 side and is returning to peak condition after he was forced out for a long time. Overall, he has made 28 appearances and spent 2,520 minutes on the pitch in this current league season. On the other hand, Poli has been an important figure for years in various tams and he’s continued to be one for Donadoni’s side with 25 appearances and 1,967 minutes of playing time 

The versatile midfielder on loan from Juventus has developed with a success rate of 81 per cent from his 995 pass attempts while the former Sampdoria man is on 89.5 per cent from a sample size of 981 passes. The Crotone player is ahead for individual duels with a success rate of 55.3 per cent from 313 while Poli is on 46.1 per cent from 230. Mandragora is clearly ahead in aerial duels, winning 48.3 per cent compared to Poli’s figure of 15.8 per cent. In terms winning the ball back, the Crotone man has done so 167 times and Poli 140. 

Poli is better in the tackle with a success rate of 79.2 per cent in all forms of challenge compared to a respectable 65.3 per cent for the Crotone man. The duo do not let up in defence and this shows in their disciplinary record with five yellow cards for Mandragora and seven for Poli. 

Neither has provided an assist for their teammates but both have scored two goals this season. 

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