Mancini satisfied despite loss: “If we carry on like this, we can be like them in a year”

Mancini satisfied despite loss: “If we carry on like this, we can be like

Italy’s French hoodoo continued as they once again failed to beat opponents in a run stretching back ten years, but Head Coach Roberto Mancini was pleased with his team and looked beyond the result, saying, “These are games that provide experience, even if losing is never nice. Today was not simple, we knew that. France are superior from all points of view but we had chances to make it 2-2. There’s no point saying that there’s a bit of a gap between us and them at the moment.”

He therefore praised the character and work ethic of his players: “The lads were very good. I saw character and that was the most important thing. If we go forwards like this, I think in a year’s time we can be very close to that level. We must learn what to do in the future, but I’m convinced that we played a good game. I’m pleased with the character and personality.”

Bonucci is also convinced that defeats serve to help development: “From defeats, you must learn what there is to improve, the mistakes that have been made. We held our own on the pitch and with a bit more edge and awareness we could have done better. Above all, this Italy team has lots of youngsters who can only grow. France have expert young players; enthusiasm and this make a difference. They all play in big teams with big objectives. They’re one of the favourites for the World Cup”. Then, at the umpteenth question on Balotelli, Bonucci gave a forthright response: “Enough on Balotelli, enough speaking only about him. He plays the matches that he has to play like everyone. He gave us effort, you can see that he’s grown and matured. But enough about just him, otherwise you’ll just put more pressure on him and play down everyone else’s work. This is everyone’s Italy.”

“Italy”, added Chiesa, one of the standout players from tonight, “are on a good path. This will become a great team. In future, we will cause everyone problems because we’re destined to grow. France are strong champions with extraordinary quality. To see them close up is impressive. They have all the attributes needed to win the World Cup.”


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