New Italy shirt unveiled. Buffon to wear it against FYR Macedonia

New Italy shirt unveiled. Buffon to wear it against FYR Macedonia

To pay homage to 20 years of dedication and passion and a possible taixth participation at a World Cup, PUMA Football and FIGC presented the new 2018 Italy shirt with an excellent model in Gianluigi Buffon who was depicted in giant murals created by street artist Kamp Seedorf across Turin.

Tomorrow, ahead of Italy vs. Macedonia, the team will pass on the chance to wear the new shirt so that the captain can wear the famous Azzurri shirt for the first time in his career. The new shirt will be available to buy from tomorrow and the team will also wear it against Albania on 9th October.

Carrara. A City of 65,000 people in beautiful Tuscany known for its marble. This city at the foot of the Apuan Alps is where Gianluigi Buffon was born and where he grew up. Perhaps it was destiny that this boy who would grow up to be a legend had his name written in the stone.

As a boy, Gianluigi was like the unrefined marble in the sense that work was need to bring out his character and talent but once it was done, it was for the world to see. To reach the top, Gigi had to wait for eight long years. While many others would have given up in the meantime, he was able to always remain motivated. Year after year, success after success, World Cup after World Cup, he entered the pantheon of the great goalkeepers where he will remain forever.

During the summer of 2018, he could become the first player ever to take part in six World Cups as Gigi celebrates his 20th year in the Italy shirt.

In the past two decades, he’s been in so many historic moments. The sun of Marseille, the rain in Brazil, the Vuvuzelas, tears of disappointment and tears of joy. He’s beaten injuries and suffered elimination at the group stage and shown himself to be the best goalkeeper in the world as he lifted the trophy in 2006 as he was nominated for the Ballon d’Or. That was hour the fourth star was added to the shirt that he has worn 171 times. Gianluigi’s heart beats for the Azzurri and his country. The one dream of a boy, to wear the Azzurri shirt was one thing that was always denied a goalkeeper…

Proud to have work alongside with a living legend, PUMA decided in agreement with the FIGC to pay tribute to him. His teammates will wear the away shirt against FYR Macedonia tomorrow in order make his wish come true so that he can take to the pitch in the Azzurri shirt. It is a deserved tribute never seen before in the football world.

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Buffon’s first match with Italy, PUMA asked the street art crew Kamp Seedorf to imprint in the stone the name of Buffon in an unique way. In every country where he played, or will play a World Cup, in Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Johannesburg, Rio and Mosow there are murals, which portray Buffon with the Italian shirt. Gigi uncovered the last mural in Turin yesterday, a day before the important qualifier for the World Cup. He could become the only football legend, who has taken part in six World Cups.  The greatest goalkeeper ever.

On Monday 9th October, Italy will wear the new shirt against Albania. The shirt was designed to reflect great successes of the past which evokes memories from the past from the first time you wear the shirt and see your heroes on TV.

The shirt is marked with Puma’s cutting edge evoKNIT Thermoregulation which adapts to ventilation and humidity. The absence of seams also allows for the material to remain in top shape.

The shirt’s dryCELL technology will ensure prefect breathability and provides the sense of it being a second skin.

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