Under-20 National Team lose out to Portugal in 8 Nations Tournament encounter

Under-20 National Team lose out to Portugal in 8 Nations Tournament encount

The Under-20 National Team were defeated 4-2 by Portugal in their third 8 Nations Tournament fixture on Tuesday, with the match being played out in Portimao. Italy fell short physically against their opponents, with Portugal enjoying considerable success on the counter-attack. Dju scored a well-taken brace (68th and 75th minute) to inspire his side’s victory, while Paolo Ghiglione and Mattia Vitale both got on the scoresheet for the Azzurrini.


31st August: Poland 0-0 Switzerland
31st August: England 3-0 The Netherlands
31st August: Portugal 0-3 Czech Republic
4th September: Czech Republic 2-2 Germany
4th September: Switzerland 0-0 England
4th September: The Netherlands 1-0 Portugal
5th September: ITALY 6-1 Poland
5th October: The Netherlands 0-1 Germany
5th October: ITALY 1-5 England
5th October: Switzerland 1-1 Portugal
6th October: Czech Republic 3-3 Poland
9th October: Poland 1-0 The Netherlands
9th October: Germany 2-1 Switzerland
10th October: England 4-0 Czech Republic
10th October: Portugal 4-2 ITALY

Standings: England 10 points, Germany 7, Czech Republic, Poland 5, ITALY, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Portugal 3

Upcoming fixtures
9th November: Poland-Portugal
9th November: The Netherlands-Switzerland
9th November: Germany-ITALY
13th November: Switzerland-Czech Republic
14th November: Germany-England
14th NovemberITALY-The Netherlands
22nd March: Portugal-Germany
22nd March: Poland-England
22nd March: Czech Republic-ITALY
27th March: Germany-Poland
27th March: England-Portugal
27th MarchITALY-Switzerland
27th March: The Netherlands vs. Czech Republic

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