Win in Euroleague opening fixture. 3-0 against Germany in Baku

Win in Euroleague opening fixture. 3-0 against Germany in Baku

The Beach Soccer National Team’s qualification adventure in the Euroleague began with a win. Italy beat Germany 3-0 in Baku to pick up three valuable points at the tournament that offers up six places for the European Games to be held in 2019 in Minsk.

It was a deserved succes for Italbeach who were in control throughout. After a first half that was light on chances, the Azzurri opened the lead 35 seconds into the second half as Gabriele Gori netted his 500th career career and his 190th for Italy. It was his Viareggio teammate Dario Rmacciotti who doubled the lead a minute later with a right-foot volley that bounced off the sand. Emmanuele Zurlo rounded it off with a scissor kick after a move by  Palmacci-Corosiniti.

“It wasn’t an easy match,” said Emiliano Del Duca. “Germany are a side that are rebuidling and they didn’t have many points of reference before the match. The team played a great game, I’m satisfied from a tactical perspective because we didn’t give anything up. We need to improve further but we couldn’t play a sparkling brand of beach soccer today and we were interested in the three points above all else.” 

Tomorrow at 15:15 CEST, the side face Ukraine in Baku and there will be a livestream on “It’s an important match, against one of the strongest teams in Europe,” warned Del Duca. Del Mestre is doubtful after going off. “It doesn’t seem to be anything too serious but we’ll analyse his condition better in the coming hours.” 

Euro Beach Soccer League Qualification Schedule

Baku, 22-24 June
Division A – Group 2: ITALY, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland 

Matchday One (22 June)

Ukraine 5-4 Switzerland  (14:45 local time, 12:45 CEST)
ITALY 3-0. Germany (17:15 local time, 15:15 CEST)
Standings: ITALY and Ukraine 3 points, Switzerland and Germany 0 

Matchday Two (23 June)

Switzerland vs. Germany  (14:45 local time, 12:45 CEST)
ITALY vs. Ukraine (17:15 local time, 15:15 CEST)

Matchday Three (24 June)

Ukraine vs. Germany (14:45 local time, 12:45 CEST)
ITALY vs. Switzerland  (17:15 local time, 15:15 CEST)

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