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#ASKAZZURRI – Daniele De Rossi answers the fans!


Q1: You’ve scored 18 goals for Italy: which is your favourite?
A1: It’s nice to remember every goal for Italy, but if I had to choose one I’d say the one on my debut, it was very emotional. I’ll never forget it, like I’ll never forget the other 17. As a 19th you could argue for my penalty in the World Cup final, which was also an unforgettable moment.

Q2: You love tattoos and you had a new one recently. Do you have any others in mind?
A2: Those who love tattoos like me are always thinking of new ones. I’d have a new one every month, but with my work it is not doable, because you feel bad for a few days afterwards. You need a longer break for it, maybe I’ll have a new one this summer.

Q3: Do you play computer games? What are your favourites?
A3: I used to play them when I was younger, but not so much anymore. The only one I play nowadays is a NBA basketball game, which is one of my passions.

Q4: Why don’t you have one long sleeve and one short sleeve at this tournament?
A4: I stopped doing that a few years ago. It’s a nonsense, it started as a superstition thing, people talked a lot about it but there was nothing more to it.

Q5: Do you have a favourite TV series?
A5: “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy” were my favourite ones, as well as “The Sopranos”.

Q6: Who is the funniest player in the Italy team?
A6: I get along very well with Salvatore Sirigu, he is very funny indeed.

Q7: Does your beard itch?
A7: If I let it grow under my chin yes, but not on my jaw… The longer it grows, the softer it gets!

Q8: How have you found your welcome in Montpellier?
A8: It’s been a very warm welcome, but our schedule is just to go from the training pitch to the hotel and from the hotel to the training pitch, so we haven’t been able to return the favour. But we are very happy here.

Q9: Do you want to come and play for Lecce next season?
A9: No, I’d rather play for Roma! But when Lecce were in Serie A it was always great to play in their stadium, they were a great team with great fans.

Q10: Which side has impressed you the most in Euro 2016 so far?
A10: The side that has impressed me the most is a side that’s been impressive for several years: Spain, above all Iniesta. He simply makes you fall in love with football.

Q11: How will you feel when you meet Roy Keane on Wednesday evening?
A11: I’ve already met him once at an Italy-Ireland friendly in London. I am a shy guy and I don’t want to bother other people, but it is always exciting to see him in the Ireland dugout.

Q12: Which Italian singers made it into your Euro 2016 playlist? What was the last Italian concert you went to?
A12: I don’t have lots of Italian singers, I prefer foreign music. The last Italian band I saw were Negramaro many years ago.

Q13: Why do you always have that glare? Please smile a bit more!
A13: Ok I promise I’ll try, but when I am on the pitch I will probably forget! But in the hotel with my team mates I can assure you that I smile way more.

Q14: We all know that you and Andrea Pirlo are very close friends. How much have you missed him at this tournament?
A14: I have great team mates here and I wouldn’t change them for anything. But Andrea is that great friend I used to share a room with, we shared joked, triumphs and painful defeats, so I always miss him a lot.